Yours by Mary Robison

At our last group of six meeting, we discussed (among other things) how reading affects writing. In other words, what an author finds himself (or herself) reading, informs and infects that author’s writing. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently. An agent that I met briefly last year essentially said the same thing to me. I should be reading crime writers since that is the genre that I am currently writing in. She was right, of course, but I think there is more to it than just that. I think we also need to be reading things that inspire the writer in us.

Tonight I was organising my office in anticipation of doing some writing when I came across an old print out of the story Yours by Mary Robison. Mary Robison is what you might call a minimalist writer. She writes short short stories, but her real gift is the ability to tell a story that is deeply moving and authentic as well. Anyone can write only 721 words (which is the length of Yours) but only someone like Mary can tell such a story in 721. 

I encourage you to read it. It will take only moments. Then find something to read that inspires you in the same way Yours inspires me.


Marketing Yourself as a Writer

Author Media are a company that specialise in marketing for authors and come highly recommended. I’ve gathered some uuseful tips and ideas from their articles as well as their newsletter. Here’s one that features 89+ ways to market your book.

In list form it’s an easy reference to pin on your noticeboard.