Just Say Yes

I was reading an article today about setting boundaries in your life. The author, in typical first person fashion, was declaring that after 36 years (and here I’m assuming she was actually 36 years old) she had finally learned to say no; that she had finally found the strength to push back when she felt that others were encroaching on her personal life/space/time.

Though I found the author, and hence the article, to be quite a downer really, I realised that her discovery had one very important corollary that I could, and should, apply in my own life. I can say YES.

I can say yes to my own time, to my own space, and to my own desires. More specifically, I can say yes to my writing. I can say yes to spending time at the computer rather than watching television. I can say yes to researching poisons for my novel rather than going to dinner with friends. And I can even say yes to contributing to this writing blog rather than cleaning the kitchen floor (and boy does it need it).

Boundaries work both ways and tonight I’m saying yes to myself. I hope you do to.

Happy writing.



2 thoughts on “Just Say Yes

  1. I suppose one has a responsibility to one’s muse but to honour that responsibility entails forgoing other responsibilities that others feel should take precedence. This is where confidence helps.

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